About the Company

The closed joint-stock company Master Frost was established in 2006 in the third largest city in Lithuania Klaipeda. The city is in the west part of Lithuania. It has a perfect location for making transportation and logistics management easier, due to the closeness to the only ice-free seaport in the Baltic region.

The company is engaged in buying and selling, freezing and storing organic food products. Our main priorities are fruits and garden berries, cultivated in the North Lithuanian organic farms.

The fruits and berries are grown without any conventional pesticides and artificial fertilizers. The best quality is achieved through the ability to minimize as much as possible the time between harvesting and processing. The close proximity of our raw products to the processing plant allows preserving the freshness of just harvested fruits and berries for a longer period of time.

The company is actively working with their partners in European Union countries, Israel, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

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